About Belog Brasil
About Belog Brasil
We operate in the international trade market since 2003, being of the largest brazilian tradings companies operating with consulting, advisory, commercial processes, customs services and logistics of import, export, drawback and back to back process for different segments and industries in Brazil. We also bring with us the experience of professionals that working in various areas of expertise as international trade, advocacy, accounting, logistics, customs services and distribution logistics, since long before the emergence of Belog Brasil. Our experience with the our business partners, allow supply and realize any demand of our customers, be it Brazilian or foreigners.

Our services and solutions help our clients to:

  • Expand your business through international opportunities;
  • Increase the profitability of your business, reducing costs of operating and logistics;
  • Negotiating and realize opportunities with international manufacturers and/or international suppliers;
  • Change the fixed costs of import and/or export to variable costs based on you size and you demand.