Back to Back
Back to Back
Back to Back service for companies of any size and sector registred in Brazil, provided by Belog Brasil executed through a contract of back to back. Through this solution, our customers can take advantage of services such as consulting and advisory, audit and inspection, complete management of the back to back process, international logistics in more than 130 countries, customs and documentary services included in an integrated manner to their back to back operations.

  • Development of special projects according to their needs and demands;
  • Minimization of risks involving back to back operations;
  • Monitoring and Advisory Complete throughout the drawback operations;
  • Obtaining lines of credit to finance their back to back operations;
  • Receiving payments into bank accounts in Brazil or abroad;
  • Reduced operating and logistics costs in their back to back operations;
  • Sales of foreign products without physically transport in Brazil;
  • Tax exemption of II, IE, IPI and ICMS.

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