Warehouse service for companies of any size and sector that intend to store and distribute your products in Brazil or abroad. Through this solution, addition to enjoying the many services provided by Belog in Brazil and abroad, our customers can reduce their ICMS-Sales and perform their import, export, drawback and back to back processes with a solution integrated, on-demand and complete of warehouse, logistics and distribution in over 130 countries.

  • Consulting and Tax Planning for tax economy (Only in Brazil);
  • Development of special projects according to their needs and demands;
  • Fractionation, handling and preparation of products for sales in Brazil or abroad;
  • Monitoring and Advisory Complete throughout the warehouse operations;
  • Operation without the need to open a branch by client in Brazil or abroad;
  • Outsourcing billing in Brazil, USA and China;
  • Reduced operating and logistics costs in the medium and long terms;
  • Tax reduction of ICMS-Sales for customers of clients of import service (Only in Brazil);
  • Warehousing and Distribution in Brazil, USA and China.

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